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2007 will see a huge increase in the number of real estate videos avalable on the internet. Video is great for open houses, seminars, and commercials, but if you have never made a video before, the task can seem a little scary. Realivent wants to host your videos. We have created some cool tools that allow you to add videos to blogs, and your website, but before we can host them, we need to get these videos onto the internet.

Lets start from the very beginning,

I just bought my video camera and I need to edit the movie.
Any video camera you buy now will include software to move the video files from the camera to your computer. I just bought a Sony DCR-SR40, which has a 30 gig hardrive, so for me moving the files to my computer is a snap. This camera is very simple, just put the camera in its cradle and connect the USB cable to my computer. One annoyance is that I have to hit the DVD Burn button on the cradle to get the camera and the computer to start talking. Once they start communicating, I have to close the DVD burn screen. The camera came with ImageMixer, and I only use that to import the files to my computer.

Moving forward, the videos are now on my computer in the MPEG2 format. Since I just bought the camera, I have no video editing software on this computer. Windows comes with Movie Maker, and if you have XP, with Service Pack 2, you have Movie Maker 2.1 (MM2)…sound good, It’s not…

My laptop had MM1, and I was able to import MPEG2 videos into it with no problem…of course that laptop had all kinds of codecs on it so I don’t know if it was the MM1 or if I just happened to have the right codecs installed.

Now, both my computers have MM2 on it and there is a problem importing MPEG2 videos to edit.

Here is the Error:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Pictures\ImageMixer3\’06_11_28_00\M2U00173.MPG could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from


Seems like a lot of people have this problem. after searching for this “An interface has too many methods to fire events from” in Google.
I came across some interesting sites. the first is Tons of advice on this site, but I could not find the solution. After reading a few articles about this problem, it seemed like the solution is to encode the MPEG2 files to AVI and then import to MM2. I not too happy with that, I feel like I will loose some resolution and I do not want to take more steps then I have to. I found out later that even though I can now import MPEG2 into MM2, MM2 has a hard time handling MPEG2 and will crash on you.
More links to his articles…many more.

Converting from MPEG2 to AVI is not problem and there is free software to do it. I use a MediaCoder which will convert just about anything to anything. I will use that to make the Flash video later.

I then found this forum which has thread for this problem:

At the very bottom, was a post by someone that said to go to tools, Options, Compatability and uncheck all the video filters. So I did, and still did not work, but at least the error went away. There is a new error.

C:\Documents and Settings\Matt\My Documents\My Pictures\ImageMixer3\’06_11_28_00\M2U00149.MPG could not be imported. Unspecified error


Hmmm….how am I going to solve this problem? I know I’ll just start checking half the checkboxes in Tools, Options, Compatability…I didn’t have a hammer to hit the computer, so I figured this would do.

filters.jpgI got a lot of strange errors when checking the checkboxes, sometimes it would work sometimes it didn’t . I ended up unchecking the top half, down to divx video filters (I assume we will all have different codecs on our computers) so the solution from me is just start clicking. Make sure all filters are checked, then uncheck them 3 at a time until you can import. When I was able to import I started to re-check to see where the bad filter was, but I was able to re-check them all except PIXELA AC-3 Decoder but the import would take forever so I just unchecked the top half, and started to play with the Movie Maker. No problems since then. I’m not to picky, I don’t need to find the exact problem.
So there you have it, follow my supurb troublshooting tips and just start unchecking stuff until it works.

Editing is editing, I’m going to go into this to much, because MM2 is pretty simple once you get it going. Next tutorial will be how to convert your video to Flash Video so you can stream it on the web.

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