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First off, I hate SEO, (search engine optimization)…I hate it because, for one, nobody really knows what the search engine bases their searches on, and secondly, there are sooooo many companies out there that will charge you thousands of dollars for good search placement. With that being said, I am now going to become a SEO Guru and then charge tell you guys what I do and if it works. We are going to start with a simple title modification using tags, and some Wordpress plugins

Another reason why I have never focus on SEO, is because things are different in San Francisco (my location) compared to  small towns around the country. Good luck getting good search placement for "Real Estate San Francisco".

A little side note, Kevin Boer of 3 Oceans blog comes up on page 2 from the above search, and is the first real estate agent website you come across, as compared to brokerages and online real estate searches. That is a pretty good job.

Now search for "Real Estate Fallbrook" (Fallbrook, CA is my hometown) not the smallest town in America, but pretty small. You get Allen Shall as the second result on the first page, and 5 real estate agent websites on the first 3 pages. Which, IMO is still not a lot when you think about all the agents in that area.

so let's think about it…should you use SEO? On one hand, if you do it right, you can get top placement, but is this even possible? what are the chances of you getting top placement in google. I'm pretty sure there are thousands of real estate websites that have been designed around good SEO, and they are not top on Google. what will make your website different?

on the other hand, should you forget about SEO and focus on pro-active activities to promote your websites. Over the last couple years I have been more pro-active, and I've had good results, but none of my sites are high on Google. Maybe if I focus on SEO, I would have high ranking sites and I could just relax now…I doubt it, but maybe.

Whether SEO works or not can be argued forever, but we all know Google loves keywords, so let's make sure our Wordpress blogs are keyword heavy.

Go get this tool: web developer extension for firefox
This is a firefox extension that can display many cool things about webpages as you see them in firefox. It does not work in IE, so you need Firefox.

once you install the extension, you will see it as one of your toolbars. This toolbar is really for developers to see how their webpages act in different sized browsers, and how the form information is passed, etc…but we are going to use it to get our metatag information.

Metatags are used by search engine robots to get information about your site. This is another argument amongst SEO experts whether it is used anymore or not. 

My opinion; I think they are used, but in a combination with the content of your webpages. So if your meta description and keywords are different from the actual content in your webpage…they don't work. Bottom line, don't rely on meta keywords, make sure your main content is keyword rich also, with the same keywords as your metatags.

Back to metatags…once you have installed the WDE, go to your website and click on the information button.webdeveloper extension information for metatags

At the bottom of the menu, you will see meta information. When you click on that you will be able to see all the meta information. In my case, there was none. No keywords, no description, just generator, which is useless.

there are 2 Wordpress plugins you will need to make some good keywords.

SEO Title plugin – this rearranges your blog title to emphasize your keywords (tags)
Ultimate Tag Warrior – This plugin creates tags and allows you to place then is strategic places on your blog

in the options section of you admin, you will now notice a page for tags. There is a lot of configuration for your tags, we just want to focus on Meta for now…so make sure you check Meta Keywords "When enabled, meta keywords will be included in the header of tag pages, and single post pages. These keywords are sometimes used by search engines.Include meta keywords"

you do not have an tags yet though…another cool thing tag warrior (UTW) will do is create tags from your categories, but you will have to edit each post you have and just click save, to add the categories as tags. Make sure you have "Automatically add categories as tags" checked in the Tag admin section.

Now, when you look at individual posts you will see that UTW has added meta keywords. Your main blog page will still not have them, we will add them later because this post is getting way too long, and it will require little php examples.

I'm going to stop here…because I have to run…Later tonight I will continue with this topic and go over the SEO Title Tag plugin and give some code to update your title and meta info on your main page. 

View Part 2 – making your tags work for you.

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