Yeah, I tagged The U.S.


I actually hate graffiti. I don't think it's art, I don't care how much time you spent on it…I just hate it. Especially graffiti that is just a tag for a symbol or something. There is more and more graffiti in my area everyday, it just ugly.

Another one of my pet peeves is when someone tries to paint over graffiti, but they use a different colored paint then the rest of the wall. Even if it is just a shade off, it looks awful. Either paint the whole area the same color or try to just remove the spray paint graffiti. Yell

Anyhow, here is my tag on America. I used the new Google Maps "My Maps" to make it…cool stuff. Just spent about 5 minutes on it, but I can see the possibilities. Custom heat maps, school zones, districts, neighborhoods… should add a lot to real estate websites

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